Three things that cannot wait in life

Three things that cannot wait in life


Person’s life , there are three things that cannot wait :

The first is the “poverty”

Poverty can not wait, but since a long time , you will be accustomed to poverty , when not only unable to break through the self , even

Denied their dreams , but powerless over a lifetime ……………

The second is the “dream”

Dreams can not wait, because the different stages of life , have different life experiences and ideas , imagine a question:

If you are 20 years old dream , in 60 years when it can be achieved , that would be like a situation ? ?

For example, say you were 20 years old dream is to be able to buy a Ferrari sports car, and then to Germany, the infinite highway

Hurricane . You’ve been working hard, and finally to 60 years old, finally bought from the car , but to achieve a young man

Dreams , and probably beyond their grasp it …………….

The third is the “family”

The family can not wait, maybe we are still young , there is a lot of time in the future so that we can explore, work hard

But the family have? They still have time to do so on our success ? ? Etc. We still have time to make money , so that they have a good

Day, let them proud of us ? ? ?

Wish, while the wind blows , the child wants his parents wait …… this is a lot of people ‘s pain, but also a lot of people for a lifetime of regret

On half of people : Any hesitation

The rest of his people : either regret
Live in the moment , seize every opportunity, because a fleeting opportunity .

Find a way for their lives