Three things that cannot wait in life

Three things that cannot wait in life


Person’s life , there are three things that cannot wait :

The first is the “poverty”

Poverty can not wait, but since a long time , you will be accustomed to poverty , when not only unable to break through the self , even

Denied their dreams , but powerless over a lifetime ……………

The second is the “dream”

Dreams can not wait, because the different stages of life , have different life experiences and ideas , imagine a question:

If you are 20 years old dream , in 60 years when it can be achieved , that would be like a situation ? ?

For example, say you were 20 years old dream is to be able to buy a Ferrari sports car, and then to Germany, the infinite highway

Hurricane . You’ve been working hard, and finally to 60 years old, finally bought from the car , but to achieve a young man

Dreams , and probably beyond their grasp it …………….

The third is the “family”

The family can not wait, maybe we are still young , there is a lot of time in the future so that we can explore, work hard

But the family have? They still have time to do so on our success ? ? Etc. We still have time to make money , so that they have a good

Day, let them proud of us ? ? ?

Wish, while the wind blows , the child wants his parents wait …… this is a lot of people ‘s pain, but also a lot of people for a lifetime of regret

On half of people : Any hesitation

The rest of his people : either regret
Live in the moment , seize every opportunity, because a fleeting opportunity .

Find a way for their lives


The Special Friend

Do not want to lose you, so let you do my special friend .
Men and women can not make friends , to be a special friend .

Two may love each other , like,
However, do not belong to friendship, love , affection of any kind ,
Men and women can not be friends with each other , can only be a special friend .

Perhaps to loyalty between friends , can not be attributed .
Perhaps in order to take into account the views of family members , not homing.
Perhaps to their own future , not promises.
Perhaps not fated , do not know how to cherish each other.
Perhaps too late to meet each other already have another person around .
Perhaps too late to turn back , the other no longer wait .
Maybe fathom each other in each other ‘s heart , and the delay line can not be taken .

But even if not together ,
Feeling at ease with each other can still be found ,
Will still remain attached to any kind of emotional relationship .

But another heart clear ,
This person , you are more than friends but also a concern .

Because of each other , and my heart is always full of happiness plugs ,
If not justifiably holding hands with each other shopping,
Or you can do the advantage of being friends .

There are people who like each other ,
Verbally would say jealous , and his soul will feel stomach pain .

Each encounter difficulties,
Will make every effort to lend a helping hand , do not care about who owes whom.

The other is sick,
Will pay their brains to find prescription, wait to take care of him, accompanied in the side.

Every person in this life full of short love quotes,
Hearts have had such a special friend , a very contradictory behavior .

One may start reconciled only friends , but for a long time , suddenly found so much the better .
Would rather care about each other’s feelings , than to live with each other hurt .
Do not confuse male and female friends with a special friend ,
What’s wrong with it ?

Your heart this special friend who is it ?

Many feelings are lost in the face of reality ,
Friendship can evolve into love,
Love eventually evolved into affection,
Mutual friendship will progress directly to the family .

Life is but a hundred years ,
Can in hand , please do not just side by side ,
Able to embrace it, please do not just hand in hand,
Can become a confidante, please do not deliberately leave !
Cherish the feeling of anxiety among themselves .